Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Granny Square Purse

I love making anything granny square. I've already finished a big granny square for one of my products that I plan to sell in my business for the Fall/Winter 2009-2010. It's only one square though. After I've finished the lap throw I'm working on, I'll post pics. I'll post a pic of the one single granny lapghan as well. Right here, is my granny square purse. I made 4 squares, with white borders and whip stitched them together. The total squares I made was 8 and there were 3 rounds of double crochet. When you join all squares together you just fold in half, both on the wrong side. That means the two right sides would be facing eaching other. You join them togeher, leaving the opening for your purse. For the handles, (purchased at my local A.C. Moore craft store) I crochet 4 single crochet strips, that would be 7 chains and then turn and single crochet. Tie off. Center the handle strips equally on purse. Stitch one side inside of the purse with a big open eye yarn needle. When you've done all 4 trips inside, place the free yarn strip not yet attached inside the slit/opening of the handle. When you've done that, sew the strip shut on the right side of the purse. Don't worry about thinking you'll see the sewing work, you won't-it actually blends in. Snip all loose yarn or weave end the work and your finished. Voila! You have your own hand made granny square purse. I just love it.

How many of you like or love granny square? If not what's your favorite stitch that you use the most when making your crochet projects?

Next up the 2 lapghans I'm working on, ones finished and I'm steady working on the other one currently. The current lapghan I'm working on is being crocheted with this stitch call Palm leaves.

Peace and Love everybody,
Crafty Ann.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Today I want to talk about dreams. Dreams as in, goals, purpose and destiny. The dreams that you have plan to do in your life or would like to do.

My dreams are:
*...to have a successful business.
*...to move to Pennsylvania, & start a new life.
*...to have a new home.
*...to publish my book & hope it will be a great success.
*...to open up a business that will cater to peoples health-selling and counseling them on natural products (nutritional supplements, herbs, aromatherapy, wetc.) and how to take better care of their health, naturally and healthy.

Those are just a few of the dreams/goals that I have for my life. I hope and pray that the Lord will help me make these dreams become a reality.
I think everyone should have a list of dreams-and keep them until they become a reality. It gives us a purpose to live. I think having a list of dreams is motivation to carry out our purpose.

What are your "List of Dreams?" I encourage everyone to write one out and don't be afraid to start working towards it to accomplish your goals in life. It's your personal achievement.

Have a great day.
Peace & Love,
Crafty Ann

Monday, April 13, 2009

Collectables: A Moment To Share

Speaking of collectables. I'm a big fan of whales and dolphins, or any kind of sea creature. However, the most of my collectables is whales and dolphins. Ever since I saw "Free Willy", I've always been fascinated by these graceful creatures. I have pictures, and figurines of them. Quite a bit to. You should see my bedroom wall and my counter top. These creatures are so peaceful, and when you look at them, they put you in a state of peace. That's why I admire them so. That is my collectable moment.

What do any of you like to collect? Please share.
Have a good evening.

Peace & Love,
Treasure Ann