Saturday, January 17, 2009

Childhood Memories

I remember when I was a little girl during the summer we would work in the yard, cleaning it up cutting grass and tending to the flower beds and gardens. Yes we were country folks and when summer came around, thats all we did for that entire time-we just worked in the yard and gardens everyday, keeping the yard up. We would plant and we would harvest. The jobs we had to do weren't always something we leaped for joy all the time.

The fun part of it was that we were allowed to take breaks on some Saturdays and of course Sunday's were always a day off. That day we went to church. The most fun and favorite time that we loved was, after we finished working in the yard and finishing up our time in the vegetable and flower gardens, our dad would take us to the side store and buy us some icecream and a cold soda-along with one of those cracker snacks for later to eat. That was the best time of my life. My dad would award us and take some quality time with us after our work was done for that day. Although we all were working together, we didn't had time to just sit and chat, so dad made sure that after the work was done, we got to spend the rest of the evening together chatting and having fun. He would even give us and talk to us about life lessons and how to live right. His number one advice that always stuck with me into my adult life, was that he would say, "alway's live right and treat everybody fair and you'll get along fine." I carry that lesson with me today, and as I put it into practice, I reaped the good results that my father said I would. Besides some life problems that life throws at you for everbody anyway-I did get along fine, and I notice that when I treated people fairly, people looked out for me when I really needed some help. I'll never forget those good times and moments.

Have a great day everybody and make wonderful memories with your family today. Good memories, I believe, keeps us grounded through out our life.

Until next time,
Crafty Ann

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